Yeah, well that is what this is all about isn’t it?
Stacking big accounts, clients and won awards.
Ok, then I guess we also have to get dressed for the chest
and brag a little….even though it’s bad enough for a
one man company to talk about himself in third person
….but we simply say

Damn, we’re good!

I will get a little bit more cocky now, well after all
it’s bragging time.
There is not many people within the advertising business
who can swagger to have worked, written and produced for
these amazing artists and performers.
How about: Pras Michel(the fugues), Daniela Roth, Dede,
Swedish superstars like Carola, Charlotte Perrelli,
Shirley Clamp and Jill Johnson.
Bands that our neighbors been forced to listen to through the walls
are: State of Drama, Mögel, Iguana Party, Lunacy, Rydell & Quick,
Jones & the Punkrockers, Session, Legion 21, Orient, Lonely Hearts,
Sanchez and Art of Parties….and I have certainly missed out
on a lot of talented orchestras so just email me and I will update.
By the way, did I mention that I also been in the
Eurovision Song Contest about 8 times or so?
An honorable 12th place in the big finale in Belgrade in 2008
with the so called pirate song ”wolves of the sea” as a track record.
Sweden came in on 24th place that year by the way:)
Well, now I think we’ve had enough bragging for another decade. 

…and off course here are some clients that I wish to underline.
Thank you for choosing Nova The Cat.

” As long as you live…
you’ll be dead if you die ”

– Louis Armstrong –