Crying In The Rain

Crying in the rain was an idea we had that wasn’t this over-kill-chorus-kind-of-song but more 
like this modern tracks with a hook instead of vocals. That was probably too early cause it never
really became this huge hit song that we were aiming for……well that we all are aiming for at all times:)
The idea for the lyrics has a pretty nice story behind it as well. I was driving by a busstop and a girl I know
was standing there taking cover from the rain. Yeah it rains a lot here I know. Anyway, as I passed her by 
I thought I saw her crying cause tears were falling from her cheeks. I slowed down at first but then it 
struck me that it must have been the rain………or was it, I still don’t know.
So the song is about a girl who is there for everyone all the time but seem to have forgotten about herself.
She goes out in the rain to cry so that no-one will know how she is feeling cause after all she is the
one who keeps everyone else happy, safe and sound with her constant smiling and confidant style. 
That is how this song was born and me and Göran Werner had the opportunity to get it released with
Charlotte Perrelli who was huge at that time and had just won the Eurovision Song Contest.

” So sweet so innocent
….well you know ”

– Liberg/Werner –