When This Is Over

This song is a mix of fantasy and real life from my own experience.
It´s very personal and could get people into trouble if I reveal too much
so I will leave you with your own interpretation and thoughts.
I guess the phenomenon is not unique in any way and some might
even recognize themselves. I believe it is a very strong song and I am
very happy that Mikaela did the featuring vocals.
She has a nerve in her voice that I like and I think she is an amazing singer.
Maybe someday she will realize that herself and go solo instead of being
in this Swedish girl-group DollyStyle. However they are pretty cool
group and they do it very well but they are three which means they
need to split the vocals among them. Mikaela deserves to be her own popstar.
We’ll see what happens in the future……

” I’m to you as kryptonite
to Superman ”

– JL –