Frozen Flower

I have been writing a lot of songs together with Claes Andreasson 
and frozen flower is one of them. It is in my opinion a really great pop/rock song.
It has an intensity and structure that I really like with a nice instrumental
guitar section in the middle. In this version it is a typical 3 minute song
cause we thought it might fill the rockband slot in the
eurovision song contest in Sweden.
That never happened cause we don’t have any female rockstars anymore
in this country and presenting a song with an unknown singer is not gonna work
unless you have big record label backing you up.
Nicole who is singing it is a fantastic singer and a wonderful person and I really wish
she will get a chance of becoming a huge star someday. 
About the song, it is about……..well you figure it out:)

” Pray you will fit into that
place you once dismissed ”