Dying For Love

I am gonna be a bit cocky now and say that this is a masterpiece.
This is my first single and my first published song.
I was in a pretty popular band called Orient and we had a sound
no-one else had at that period of time I think.
We put a lot of practice and energy into making the most incredible harmonies
in all our songs. This is not an exception. I think there is 72
vocal dubs in all imaginable ways in the choir here. At that time it was a lot,
be sure of that. Mix-down after mix-down and so on…
People would think it was playback even when we were performing
so to show off a little when we did a playback gig we ended up singing
a capella with no microphones at the end of a song.
The story of this song is about first love die hard so to speak and lets just leave it at that.
We released this in 1987 so I barely remember myself
but it is probably the best song I have ever written.

” Love will catch your feelings
when your soul begins to burn ”

– JL –