Anything Goes

Me and my very close friend Ola Johansson was sitting at my place
drinking plantation rom and just talking when he grabbed a guitar
and started jamming. All of a sudden I heard something that he kept
repeating and I started to hum-a-long with him. It was the beginning of a song
he had been working on and wanted to play for me for us to develop together.
We kept drinking, singing and playing and we thought we had a potential hit song.
Wait a minute I said to Ola. -There is no chorus, we have no chorus?!
….and I remember him saying: -Aah lets skip it, it’s good enough anyway.
The lyrics are also wonderful and Ola wrote most of it I believe. The title I took from 
another song I had and maybe sliped in one or two phrases here and there also.
Can’t really remember cause the empty bottle of rom kept staring at us:)
it’s about someone who is willing to do almost anything for fame and glory
but ends up very lonely and destructive. 
This one is one of my absolute favorite songs even though there is no chorus…

” She runs so she stands there alone ”